Retail operations and gas stations are opening at record rates across the country as demand for them grows and entrepreneurs move to fulfill that supply. The good news is that despite this surge in competition, operating one or multiple convenience stores can be incredibly lucrative for owners. Adding the industry’s top convenience store software to existing store operations makes them even more so. 

If you’ve considered updating your c-store automation system, we’ve broken down several reasons to consider adding the power of Success Systems to help you automate and manage your gasoline retail, convenience, grocery, tobacco, and liquor store operations. 

Why Spend the Money on Convenience Store Software?

No matter what your existing back-office system looks like, we can improve the profits and vision of both single-store and chain-based retail businesses. Our suite of electronic price books and other store convenience store automation solutions provide the insight you need to make better business decisions.

Here are 5 reasons why adding C-Store Automation to your business is worth the small, initial investment. 

Fully-Automated POS Solutions

Our ePB Suite maximizes the potential of POS technology. From wet stock management to computer added ordering (CAO), ePB can manage all of the aspects of your business like daily reconciliation, inventory control, store merchandising, and compressive store analytics. ePB can be the answer to improving store revenue by 3-12%. Virtually all of that increase will flow to store profits.

Take a look at the capabilities of our ePB Suite below. 

chart of convenience store software amenities and features

Increase Your Bottom Line

PriceCheck™ is a practical loss prevention tool that helps ensure that their suppliers are offering them the best available price on each SKU. PriceCheck™ compares wholesale prices that are currently offered to other retailers and is the first product to provide retailers with SKU-level pricing information, so they know they are receiving the best deal from their supplier. 

Optimize Inventory Levels with Automated Inventory Management

The best part about ePB Suite is that all of its versions come with EDI or electronic database integration.  This inclusion allows wholesalers to receive electronic orders and offer electronic invoices upon delivery of goods. When a wholesaler in your database has a price change, you’ll receive an alert to adjust accordingly. You also have the ability to adjust prices based on wholesaler changes automatically. 

Inventory management is available in ePB Books and ePB Accounting and helps maintain your inventory at optimum levels. It also allows you to run reports to identify the best selling items in your store, so you can order new inventory with insight.

Real-Time Data Through Cloud-Based Solutions

We offer our cloud-based solutions at a very affordable single or timed payments rather than costly monthly bills. We build your price book on-site and ensure you have the training and knowledge to properly access your store’s information at all times. 

With our services you have all of your stores critical’ day-to-day information on any device you choose. 

Partner With a Convenience Store Software Provider You Can Trust

Ready to make a change? Request a demo to learn how we can transform your store and increase your profits by limiting your work. All of our products are certified by most of the major point-of-sale platforms and are available for 17 cash register systems and Our customers have increased store profits by as much as 50%

Request a demo of any of our store automation solutions today to get started today!


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