It seems like many businesses are switching to cloud-based software these days, but as a convenience store owner, you may be wondering if it is right for you. The short answer is yes. Practically any company can benefit from moving their software to the cloud, and the reasons why are endless. If you aren’t yet convinced, take a look at some of the advantages you could see right away after making the switch.

  1. Insightful Data

Cloud-based technology provides you with the space to store with real-time data. For example, Instant lost prevention and on-hand inventory notifications. Did your cashier have to many error corrects and/or voids? How many packs of Marlboro red boxes do you have on the shelf at this moment? What is the most popular item your customer purchases at 10am in the morning? All this information and more is now available to you. A good cloud-based software automatically tracks that data for you. Every time a customer makes a purchase, the information is stored, and you and your employees can access it in real time to help make marketing and sales decisions based on customer habits, and more.

  1. Convenient Access

You can’t manage your store 24/7/365, but with cloud-based software, you can access your store’s information. Whether you are at home in bed with your laptop or on a beach somewhere with your mobile device, as long as you have a connection to the Internet, you can check in on your business. This also means that other people, such as store managers, vendors, and your accountant can easily access your information with permission. No long are you tied to the store to changes prices or reconcile sales.

  1. Lower Costs

Cloud-based technology tends to be far less expensive than traditional software. Instead of paying for annual or regular upgrades and updates, you pay a flat or monthly fee. Be careful, you don’t have to pay monthly for “CLOUD” services, reputable well established suppliers will offer you these solutions at an affordable one-time fee.

  1. Better Inventory Management

Taking inventory can be a long, drawn-out process. However, when you switch to the cloud, it basically does all the work for you. Not only can you keep up with what kinds of items are in your store, but it may also help you keep up with info ranging from suppliers to sales rates.

  1. Improved Accuracy

With your cloud-based software keeping track of sales, inventory, and even your accounting practices, room for human error is almost nonexistent. Not only does this improve your accuracy for marketing and bookkeeping, but it frees up time for you and your employees to focus on other aspects of running your business.

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