What Success Systems Along With The Altria API Does For YOU

Tobacco costs can fluctuate frequently, which can make managing your store price book a very time-consuming task. In the past retailers would have to go into each store and manually update pricing on their products. With the Altria API in use, Success Systems will automatically pull the pricing, promotional, and buydown information directly into the back office only needing the retailer’s approval to be updated to the register.

Tobacco API

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The Altria Group Distribution Center is now offering an automated price change solution. Success Systems Tobacco API connection would allow retailers to automatically get updated pricing into either: Our store automation solution ePB, or our market-leading tobacco rebate program Smokin’ Rebates.

The key benefits are: reduced labor cost in maintaining the ever-changing tobacco prices, instant alerts to insure retailer prices meet contract requirements, and optimization of scan data rebate programs.

Retailers Who Want To Take Advantage Of This

Note: To Participate in this promotion, retailers must sign the form and establish a connection to the API.

Once retailers sign the API Consent Form from their Altria rep and have Success Systems set up the connection. They will begin to  automatically and seamlessly receive price, buydown, and promotional changes. As an approved Altria feature, once the connection is set up, Retailers can eliminate manual entry of tobacco pricing for Altria products, leading to fewer mistakes and saving hours of labor.

Success Systems offers a complete line of cloud-based solutions designed to improve the profits and control of both single-store and chain-based retail businesses.

Tobacco Price Increase

Our offerings cover all the important aspects of controlling and managing successful establishments. This includes grocery stores, convenience stores, gasoline retailers, and tobacco and liquor stores.

Our complete product offering includes a comprehensive back office suite, real-time loss prevention, store analytics, supplier best price reporting, Lottery sales tracking, and the most comprehensive tobacco rebate and loyalty reporting service.

If you have and questions please call 800 653 3345 or click here – Altria API information

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