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Practical Loss Prevention Program

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ItsRealTime: Retail Loss Prevention & Real-Time POS Data

ItsRealTime™ adds real-time functionality to the ePB™ family of cloud-based, back-office systems by capturing, managing, and controlling stores' POS sales data. ItsRealTime™ loss prevention solution unlocks real-time POS information with instant notification with alerts for voids or error corrects. With ItsRealTime™, managers can seize control, view accurate store sales, manage cashiers, and eliminate inefficiencies. 

Store operators can improve merchandising, evaluate and control markdowns and promotions, and improve customer service with the use of this product.

ItsRealTime Loss Prevention Dashboard Demonstration

More Than Loss Prevention Software


ItsRealTime® is not only a practical loss prevention tool.   With RealTime™, retailers are also able to

  • Improve merchandising, 
  • Compare multiple store sales, movement, and margins, 
  • Evaluate customer traffic, buying patterns and control markdowns and promotions, 
  • Improve customer service, 
  • Manage cashiers, & eliminate inefficiencies and identify internal theft
  • Receive instant alerts for such things as voids, error corrects, or an open drawer from anywhere

ItsRealTime® Major Features


  • Compatible with virtually any other existing back-office solution.
  • Plug-In compatibility with any NAXML compliant POS systems.
  • Does not require any existing back office or accounting solution.
  • Flexible Licensing—Hosted & On-site subscription and Perpetual Licensing available.
  • Dashboard design eliminates the need for being “tech-savvy” or incurring costly user training.
  • Unique report design allows the user to customize the reports they receive and how they receive them without selecting them each time. E-mail, text, print, or view, the user can customize their own reporting to meet their needs.
  • Loss prevention takes on a whole new level now that cashier activity is reported in real-time.
  • Real-Time wet-stock reporting without the need of adding specialized equipment.
  • For those whose policy is to internalize their CLOUD computing internal perpetual “site CLOUDS” are available.

ItsRealTime®, Always There, Always On


The First Plug-in Play Real-Time Data Solution, Offering Instant Access to Your Store’s POS Data, Regardless of the Back Office.

ItsRealTime patent-pending technology standardizes Business Intelligence (BI), loss prevention, and store analytics for single or multiple POS platform retailers. 

ItsRealTime solves all these needs and enterprise-level BI all under a single platform, regardless of your POS or back-office solution. 

  • Loss prevention
  • Employee theft
  • Retail shrinkage
  • Administrative errors
  • Store merchandising
  • Supply chain management

Accessing Real-Time POS Data Just Got Easy And Affordable


  • Immediate Loss Prevention Notification
  • Real-Time Wet & Dry Stock Inventory Management
  • Store & Market Basket Analytics
  • CLOUD Enterprise
  • Back Office Independent
  • T-Log/EJ/PJR Search and Storage

Eliminate Inventory Losses; Gain a Better Line of Sight With  Instant Alerts


Real-Time alerts customized for specific departments and employees are easily provided with ItsRealTime. The loss prevention department can get real-time text messages for the cashier anomalies such as open draw, voids, error corrects, and no sales. 

The alerts will contain a link to immediately review the register receipt for that transaction. The marketing department can view customer sales activity by hour, volume, sales, items(s), and loyalty vs. non-loyalty activity for those who implement loyalty. The fuel department can see real-time wet stock inventory levels and sales activities. 

Filling the gaps in your existing back-office platform is an on-going effort. ItsRealtime is an excellent solution to manage retail stores and enterprise-level activities without the need of changing out the central back office.

For those retailers who want a BI and better loss prevention strategy without the expense and labor resources of a back office, ItsRealTime is a unique way to seamlessly leverage your existing assets.