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Fuel Management

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Fuel Management is an important aspect of your store. If you sell fuel, you will need to use ePB Books™ or ePB Accounting™ to take advantage of fuel management features. Check out our store automation and fuel management tools.

Remote Fuel Price Changes

In a day when being able to virtually manage your stores takes on a whole new meaning, being able to remotely manage retail fuel pricing is essential to maximizing profits. ePB™ allows a retailer to manage the ever-changing fuel prices for a cell phone or virtually any other web-enabled device.


Our Fuel Management Tools Work for You

Fuel sales are the life-line for convenience stores. It drives traffic, which drives sales. Fuel is also the most substantial inventory investment, offering the most risk to margin volatility and government regulatory exposure. Therefore, fuel management deserves the best automation tools available. ePB offers layers of tools to protect your most valuable asset. UST/Tank storage compliant reporting, real-time tank inventory, pool margin reporting inclusive of credit card fees. For those who report their own tax liability, ePB will track and report both pre-pay and post-pay taxes along with a breakdown of all other taxes, surcharges and collateral accounts.

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