Intelligent Business Management

Our family of products will add automation to your store.

Our secure, cloud-based store applications for retailers add functionality and convenience to your store. With ePBTM, retailers can create a price book database of items,SKUs and prices, price items by margin, add timed promotions, pinpoint stock and inventory levels, accept electronic invoices from vendors, generate reports, and print shelf and item labels. We have all the tools you need to control your store from any location!

Secrets to Success

We have a diversified product line to meet your individual needs.

Our C-store solutions are designed to improve store profitability of both single-store and chain-based retail businesses. Having accurate knowledge and the right tools in place will streamline your store operations so you can run a successful business.

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ePB Generic

ePB Suite

Choose the level that is right for you.


Discover how ePBTM can make your store run effortlessly. Add functionality to your back office with our store solutions.


Store Solutions

Find the level of ePB that fits your needs:

ePB Books Cloud
ePB PremiumTM

Complete price book with standard functionality.

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ePB Premium Cloud
ePB BooksTM

Robust price book, includes fuel and lottery management.

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ePB Lite Cloud
ePB LiteTM

Entry level price book to meet basic price book needs.

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ePB Accounting Cloud
ePB AccountingTM

Includes interface to 3rd party accounting software programs.

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