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ItScans-AI - Never Process Another Paper Invoice!

Success Systems is excited to bring this state of the art artificially intelligent solution to the convenience & petroleum market.  Electronic invoicing helps you increase the accuracy of your inventory and save time by eliminating manual entry.  The question arises, why would you not want all your invoices to be EDI? Well now you can! With ItScans-AI you can convert all your non-EDI vendors into electronic invoices.

The Future of Automated Invoice Processing

  • Artificially Intelligent: ItScans-AI is the MOST intelligent invoicing solution.  Its more accurate, affordable and reliable than any other solution available on the market today.
  • Back Office Support: It can function seamlessly with virtually any back office solution! Combined with our ePB back office suite you can expect automatic price book and register updates on everything you scan.

Start Automatically Converting Your Invoices in Under a Minute!

Automated Invoice Processing App
  • Intelligent: Other solutions take upwards of 48 hours and at the end you're left with an incomplete, likely error filled electronic invoice
  • Accessibility: Available on both apple and android platforms so all you'll need is a smartphone or tablet.
  • Notifications: Our app is fully equipped to notify you of any cost changes or new products as soon as you scan an invoice
  • Compatibility: If you can receive an EDI invoice, ItScans-AI is compatible with your back office!

Check out our back office provider compatibility list:

  • SSCS
  • PDI
  • Petrosoft
  • ADD Systems
  • Pinnacle
  • CMI
  • AGK
  • Series2k
  • Modisoft
  • Red River Software
  • Cstore Pro
  • And Many More!!

SSCS | PDI | Petrosoft

ADD Systems | Pinnacle | CMI

AGK | Series2k | Modisoft

Red River | Cstore Pro | Many More

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