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Smokin’ Rebates® Tobacco Rebates Program & Service

Smokin’ Rebates® is a seamless data reporting service that helps retailers take advantage of numerous tobacco rebate programs. Cigarette manufacturers are offering rebates of up to $0.10 per cigarette carton sold. This can amount to hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars per year.

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Program Features

Smokin’ Rebates® will capture and transmit your store’s tobacco and tobacco-related category sales data directly to cigarette manufacturers RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris in their desired format. There are optional reports and analysis, or the cloud-based system can be 100% transparent to the retailer in an effortless automated process. It is available for many of the industry’s POS terminals. Using Smokin’ Rebates® ensures your sales data is reported timely and accurately so that your rebate revenue is uninterrupted.

Program Benefits

After initial set-up, Smokin’ Rebates® works behind the scenes to properly gather, format and transmit your scan data according to the requirements of the cigarette manufacturers. After the initial 3 months, there is no obligation and use of the program does not require any long term contract. In addition to continuous rebate money, there are exclusive promotions as well.

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How It Works

Prior to the transmission of tobacco category sales data to tobacco manufacturers, retailers have the option to review, edit, and approve sales activity, as well as use analytic reports to gain insight into each store’s tobacco category. This data is used for market research, helpful in the creation of promotions, marketing events, or other rebate programs. Rebate checks are sent to retailers directly from the tobacco manufacturers every 3 months.

Hardware Requirements

Smokin’ Rebates® requires an Internet connection and a compatible point-of-sale terminal. Smokin’ Rebates® is compatible with the Gilbarco Passport and the SAM4S 500 and 2000 series, Verifone Ruby Sapphire, Ruby Commander, Ruby CI, Ruby II and Topaz with Sapphire terminals. If you do not see your POS on this list please call us as we are adding POS registers to our offering.

Smokin’ Rebates® Tobacco Rebates Program & Service

Tobacco rates made easy

After the initial set up of Smokin' Rebates®,  you can let it work seamlessly in the background.

Tobacco category reports

You may opt to learn more about your store's tobacco category by running reports or reviewing the scan data.

Significant rebates revenue

Although scan data is sent weekly, you will receive quarterly rebate checks from tobacco manufacturers.

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What is Smokin’ Rebates?

Smokin’ Rebates is a patent pending, secure solution designed to make your participation in the RJR Scan Data Reporting Program, the PM USA Scan Data Incentive Program, the USSTC Scan Data Incentive Program, and the PM USA AOM Scan Data Incentive Program seamless. Our service will collect and consolidate the appropriate data required by the cigarette manufacturers. The solution works without any required involvement on your part. The process works in the background without any change or disruption to your regular activities. The sales data is formatted correctly and then transmitted on a weekly basis, so that retailers can take advantage of rebates offered by cigarette manufacturers.

Why use Smokin’ Rebates?

Smokin’ Rebates allows retailers to earn upwards of $500.00* per month, per store by taking advantage of the rebate programs offered by RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris. Complete sales data** is gathered, formatted, and transmitted automatically. These rebates can be up to $0.15 per cigarette carton sold. Many retailers consider this found money since Smokin’ Rebates can seamlessly collect the data in the background and easily submit it to the cigarette manufacturers.

* This is an estimated amount based on selling approximately 300 SKUs in a one-month period.
** Data meets the requirements that are outlined in the RJR 2016 Retail Scan Data Program and PM USA Scan Data Retail Reporting Requirements Documentation

How many rebate programs are offered?

There are currently 4 rebate programs for data collection. New rebate programs will automatically be added.

How do I qualify?

Sign up for the Smokin’ Rebates program by contacting us at 800-653-3345 ext. 301 or 377 or through the self-service sign up below. Then contact your tobacco sales representative and tell them you want to participate in the following scan data reporting programs:

  • RJR Scan Data Reporting Program
  • PM USA Scan Data Incentive Program
  • USSTC Scan Data Incentive Program
  • PM USA AOM Scan Data Incentive Program
How does Smokin’ Rebates work?

Smokin’ Rebates collects the sale of tobacco products and compiles this data in the correct format once a week. You will have access to the information to approve or edit information that may be incorrect. The data file is then submitted to the cigarette manufacturers in the proper format though a secure upload.

How do I set up Smokin’ Rebates?

Success Systems will help you. Simply set up your Smokin’ Rebates account. By using a POS scanning system, you already capture the tobacco sales from your store at the register. Smokin’ Rebates compiles and submits this data automatically in the format(s) the tobacco manufacturers want. As an option, you can access the data to review these sales prior to transmission. As a cloud-based application, you can do this from anywhere, whether you are on a computer, phone or tablet.

I’m not scanning now, can I still participate?

Yes. Smokin’ Rebates includes a price book, promotion and buy-down automation tool that allows you to implement scanning at your POS. It is compatible and certified with most of the industries major POS (cash register) providers. Smokin’ Rebates can also be electronically tied into your primary tobacco supplier for automated up-to-date products and prices.

How much will I get in rebates?

That depends on your tobacco mix. There are plans for tobacco, smokeless and competitive tobacco sales. If you sell 1000 cartons per month, you can expect to receive $150 just for those items. The data compiled may also be useable for other rebate programs.

How does this affect my other rebate programs?

It doesn’t. The rebates currently in this application are on top of any other rebate programs you may use.

How much does it cost?

There is a one time set-up investment and then a small monthly administrative fee. Please call us for pricing.

Is there a contract?

There is an initial 6 month commitment. This will cover the time it takes to get set up and then receive your first few rebate checks from RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris. After this time, you may cancel by just providing us with 30 days to wind down your service.

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Smokin’ Rebates is a service provided by Success-Systems to streamline your tobacco rebates. We are not affiliated with RJ Reynolds or Philip Morris; neither company endorses Smokin’ Rebates or Success Systems. Use may not necessarily mean endorsement.

Please call us at 1-800-653-3345 if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you.

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