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Price Book Creation

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Traditionally the biggest obstacle for independent retailers in implementing a useful back-office solution is the creation of the price book.  Without a complete and accurate price book, almost every aspect of a back-office will be a struggle or total failure.  That is why Success System creates the price book for you.  We create a custom price book on-site and guarantee its accuracy.

Get Your Pricebook


 Conduct a pre-installation site survey

  • Scan all items in the store and assign the shelf price, product description, and UPC/SKU code
  • Guaranteed scan rate of better than 95%
  • When available we will also insert your current vendor cost, package sizes, and order numbers


  • Accurate price book customized to your store
  • You are seeing the benefits of your investment in weeks, not months if at all
  • No wasted time creating a new price book
  • Confidence that scanning information is complete and accurate

Why an Electronic Price Book?

By leveraging a professionally implemented electronic price book, petroleum and convenience store operators can better manage store inventory and margins. Managing and controlling the very foundation of your operation offers you access to critical business information through inventory insights that allow for proactive management, and as a result, increased margins.

By establishing a price book, you’ll gain:

  • Control over authorized products & vendors
  • The ability to set retail prices based on accurate margins
  • Monitor promotional prices, control effective dates & determine the effectiveness
  • Root out poor performing items
  • Reduce your cost of inventory by $1,000s of dollars

Why A Price Book Is Essential

If your goal is to maximize profits it is mandatory that you can access each and every item you sell quickly, easily and with confidence.  A custom electronic price book is an accurate blueprint of inventory in your store. It also contains product price, pulled up by the scanner at the point of sale. Behind the scenes in the price book, which is the central location for all products sold, information can be updated easily and automatically. The features of the software make store automation possible.

With our ePB software, there is margin adjustment and reporting and also promotions, which can be set-up easily to start and stop by the day of week and time of day.

Why Choose Success Systems for Your Electronic Price Book

We invest ourselves in your success.  If you are not successfully, we do not exist. The single most important piece of a good back office is a custom electronic price book. The only effective way to build a solid, complete price book is to touch and record all items in your store.

As a service, we have a nationwide staff of trained technical auditors that can visit your store to take inventory and set-up your store price book. When we set up your price book, we guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the price book or we will do it again.

We will also train you and your staff on how to use this tool effectively. If you own or manage four (4) stores or more, this service is included with your purchase. We are the only ones in the industry who will set up your price book and guarantee its accuracy.


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