2023 Digital Trade Program (TPSP) Requirements

- Altria Group Distribution Company -

- Tier 1 -

  • Submit ATOC Scan Data

- Tier 2 -

  • Tier 1 Requirements
  • Have a Retailer Digital Platform Available for ATC's 21+
  • Participate and Deliver ATOC Retail Digital Coupons
  • Unbranded Communications Within Retailer's Digital Platform in the #1 Position

- Tier 3 -

  • Tier 1 & 2 Requirements
  • Demonstrate Responsible Branded Digital Advertising Requirements
  • Demonstrate the Ability to Deliver ATV 21+ Value to Specific Loyalty ID's
  • In-app Digital Advertisements for ATOC Branded Offers in the #1 Position

Success Systems can support all 3 tiers of the Digital Trade Program from Altria

Why Sign up for Altria's DTP?

Signing up for Altria's Digital Trade Program has a host of other benefits.  You will see from Altria, a few one time incentives for reaching tier 2 and another for reaching tier 3.   On top of these incentives there are also incentive increases to scan data transactions and additional one time incentives.

Already a Scan Data Customer?

You will need to reach out to your Altria rep and sign a new contract to start your participation in Altria's replacement of the Scan Data Program, the new Digital Trade Program.

DTP Incentives Summary

Scan Data Base Incentive

Submit Scan Data accurately according to AGDC 2022 requirements.  Incentive rate of $0.005 per scan data transaction.

Consistent Loyalty ID (CID) Incentive

Consistently submitting Loyalty ID/Rewards Numbers in a store’s weekly file submissions.  Incentive rate per transaction of $0.03 for 5-9 CIDs and $0.07 for 10+ CIDs

Scan Data Maintenance Incentive

A one time incentive of $120 per retailer is available if weekly Scan Data files are submitted throughout the initial time frame of April 3 - October 1

Retailer Enablement Incentive

A one time incentive of $250 for joining tier 2 and $500 for joining tier 3 of the DTP.

Digital Data Submission Incentive

This will improve in app engagement with ATCs 21+.  There is an incentive rate of $0.006 per Scan Data Transaction with Loyalty ID.

Email Marketing Incentive

Improve awareness and engagement with ATCs 21+ and the communication of offers.  There is an incentive rate of $0.003 per Scan Data Transaction with Loyalty ID.

EAIV Incentive

Helps prioritize and implement the Electronic Age & Identity Verification.  There is a one time Incentive of $250 per store.

ATC 21+ Data Incentive

Providing ATC 21+ names utilizing an approved EAIV solution.

Altria Digital Trade Program

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