Our partners

We are proud to have many long-term relationships that reflect many fruitful partnerships.

For over thirty years, Success Systems® has provided communication, application software, and consulting services for back-office software. Starting with support for various Schlumberger RPS/Tokheim POS devices in 1991, we’ve been in development for back-office software since the beginning. We have developed marketing support services, including technical writing and marketing, advertising, consultation, major oil company (MOC) presentation support, and market segmentation analysis. Success Systems® has also developed sales support. We support, train, and manage a sales force in the field as a service we provide within our back-office product.

We have developed many partnerships and alliances within our industry. We are partners with major POS, Oil Companies, and EDI Wholesalers.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us to discuss.

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POS Alliances

Success Systems® has many alliances. We’ve partnered with the major POS manufacturers.  Call us for a complete list or if you have any questions.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Partner

Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Together, Success Systems® and Gilbarco have collaborated to enhance the integration between the back office solutions of Success Systems and the POS platforms of Gilbarco. The transfer of existing price book data from other legacy POS platforms to the Passport® POS terminal can be made quickly and efficiently through a unique cloud-based conversion and price book tool developed in this partnership. Gilbarco POS Systems are easy to integrate and give you the best and latest in C-store and forecourt merchandising technology. Success Systems® is a certified back office vendor.

Verifone Logo Partner


Success Systems® and Verifone have forged an alliance to offer the back office software of Success Systems® with point-of-sale solutions from Verifone, whose registers are compatible with ePB™. Verifone offers cost-effective, end-to-end payment solutions designed to fit the needs of businesses' stores in the petroleum and convenience store industry, whether a single island store or multi-island gas and convenience stores. Success Systems® is a certified back office vendor.

Dresser Wayne Nucleus Certified

Dresser Wayne Nucleus Certified

Success Systems® is a certified back office partner with Wayne, whose point-of-sale systems are built specifically for gas station retail environments. Wayne™ POS will form the backbone of any successful retail operation because of its durability, user-friendly interface and popular touch screen POS, while utilizing ePB™ to better automate the businesses of their retail customers. Success Systems® is a certified back office vendor.

Comdata Logo


Comdata has partnered with Success Systems® to offer a range of software tools and services that enable owner/operators of retail stores the ability to improve their operations and profitability. The POS of Comdata is optimized for fast checkout so minimal operations are needed to scan products and take payment.

Comcash Logo Partner


Success Systems® and Comcash have an alliance to offer customers a POS that is optimized for fast checkout with minimal operations needed to scan products and take payment. With touchscreen capability, users can toggle between an image or text view of the menu items depending on the product.

Major Oil Companies

Success Systems® has alliances with most of the major oil companies.


EDI Partners

Success Systems® has partnered with many major store wholesalers. We offer EDI integration for most beer, wine and liquor distributors and virtually all major tobacco and candy vendors nationwide.

Wholesale Partners