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Now you can use your phone or tablet for all your scanning needs!

Success Systems is pleased to announce a new software app for your phone or tablet to handle all of your scanning needs. ItScans™ is compatible with the Android operating system 6.0 or higher, and an IOS version will be available Q2 2020.

  • ItScans™ is integrated in real-time to ePB™. There is no longer a need to cradle a device, upload, or download data. ItScans™ seamlessly manages the data transfer.
  • ItScans™ also includes a new scratch lottery management feature. Scan your tickets at the end of the shift to immediately see what your lotto inventory is.
  • Bring ItScans™ with you to Costco, Sam’s, Walmart, or your cash and carry to scan an item and check the price, create an invoice, or check your store stock.
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All the functions of your current scanner and more!

  • Receive Vendor merchandise – (DSD) This data is then transmitted to Success Systems’ back office application and displayed in the invoice entry screen for further review, modification or acceptance.
  • Add new products – New products can be identified on the shelves and then transmitted to Success Systems’ ePB application.
  • Manage all your items at the shelf – ItScans™ allows retailers to add or edit items, descriptions, department, and prices.
  • Store Inventory auditing
    • Price validation – Check the master price book with the shelf prices to ensure consistency.
    • Quantity on hand – Validate actual inventory and develop shrinkage reports.
  • Create purchase orders for product reorders – Any item on the shelf may be re-ordered through the hand-held app. When transmitted to Success Systems’ back office application a purchase order will be created for that order request.
  • Lottery scratch ticket inventory management – use your phone and its camera to count your lottery tickets. Updates your inventory immediately in ePB™.
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