Better managing inventory levels in your convenience store is something that will immediately impact the profitability of your business. Gone are the days of reconciliation in Microsoft excel and the stress of balancing cash drawers. Whether you are a single or multi-store operator, better convenience store inventory management is more attainable and more critical to have than ever. 

If you are not using cloud-based store automation products to manage your convenience store inventory list, here’s what you are missing out on. 

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Adding Convenience Store Inventory Software

The most critical aspect of an effective inventory system is the Electronic Price Book. EPB’s are a centralized listing of all active products in your store and hold easily sortable data points relative to every item sold through your POS system. 

Price Book Creation

We understand that one of the biggest obstacles for independent retailers in implementing a back-office system is the price book creation. Every aspect of a successful back-office is dependent on the accuracy of the price book. That’s why we work with you on-site to create your price book and guarantee its accuracy. 

What to Expect

  • We’ll Conduct a pre-installation site survey. 
  • During the survey, we’ll scan all items in your store and assign a shelf price, product description, UPC/SKU code. 
  • We provide a guaranteed scan rate of better than 95%
  • We’ll insert your current vendor cost, package sizes, and order numbers

Automating C Store Inventory Management

Adding or improving your electronic price book with a product like ePB Suite™ will add total functionality to your back office system and help your store run effortlessly. Whether you need an entry-level solution geared toward margin control or operate multi-site locations and need in-depth store sales reporting, we’ll help create the perfect ePB for your operation. 

From wet stock management to computer added ordering (CAO), ePB Books™ will manage all of your day-to-day operations like daily reconciliation, inventory control, store merchandising, and compressive store analytics. Our customers have seen their store revenue increase between 3 and 12%.

Gain increased insight into store information such as:

  • Vendor source
  • CPU or cost per unit
  • PPU or price per unit
  • SKU Number / Unique Identifiers

Once your price book has been set up, it can be set to update remotely through vendor databases ensuring that it maintains accurate pricing data for more efficient ordering and convenience store inventory management.

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Access Sales Statistics, Make Better Decisions, Increase Profits

Once your store has an established electronic price book in place, the automation infrastructure created within your back office will start to demonstrate its value. 

Streamlined Inventory Management Means Increased Margins

Selling each and every item quickly and efficiently is the key to maximizing your profits. We’re creating a blueprint of inventory in your store that contains product prices pulled from the scanner at the point of sale. The price book then serves as the central location for all products sold and allows for data to easily managed and automatically updated. 

By working with Success Systems to create your price book you’ll gain the ability to:

  • Control authorized vendors & products
  • Set retail prices based on verified margins
  • Monitor promo prices, control effective dates, and determine the effectiveness
  • Identify and remove underperforming items
  • Reduce your cost of inventory by thousands of dollars

Inventory Management, POS Solutions, Employee Management & More

For years Success Systems has helped convenience store and gas station owners better automate their payment processing, POS, and back-office solutions. We have an entire suite of convenience store automation tools that are sure to help streamline your business and ultimately increase your bottom line. 

Contact us today to schedule a demo and find out firsthand how much we can improve your store performance.

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