When only 5% of revenue is the retailer’s, control becomes the key to preventing losses in your Lottery Category.

LotteryTrak is the most comprehensive, labor-saving, Real-Time based inventory solution a lottery retailer can use. Integrate with State lottery systems to save hours of labor and $ 1,000s of dollars balancing managing your lottery category. Know about your missing or voided tickets immediately, not when your Lotto account goes negative. Have better control over your lottery inventory by integrating LotteryTrak™ with your back-office system, streamline lottery operations, and increase profitability. Here are five reasons why you should consider integration with LotteryTrak™:

Reason 1: Integrates with State Lottery Systems

LotteryTrak integrates with your state’s lottery system or lottery commission portal saving manual entry time and labor.

Reason 2: Real-Time Notifications of Missing Tickets

LotteryTrak offers real-time alerts for missing scratch tickets, increasing revenue and reducing losses.

Reason 3:  Track Multiple Book Activations for a Single Game

With LotteryTrak, retailers can track multiple book activations for a single game, providing greater control over inventory.

Reason 4: App-Based Inventory Scanning of Bins & Games

LotteryTrak enables app-based inventory scanning of bins, allowing retailers to easily audit missing tickets and lottery sales.

Reason 5: Insight into What is purchased with Lotto Sales

Integrating LotteryTrak with your back-office system can give insight into what is purchased with lotto sales, helping to better understand customer needs and preferences.

In conclusion:

Integrating LotteryTrak can help retailers save time and money, improve efficiency, and ultimately increase profitability. LotteryTrak’s easy-to-use platform and intuitive interface make it a user-friendly solution. Additionally, LotteryTrak offers real-time notifications for missing scratch tickets, allowing retailers to stay on top of their inventory at all times. With in-house customer support and training, LotteryTrak is a flexible system that can be customized to meet specific needs. Sign up today and take control of your lottery category.

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