Smokin Rebates Tobacco Rebates

On December 1, Success Systems® announced the general availability of Smokin’ Rebates™, a data reporting service designed to help retailers take advantage of tobacco rebate programs. With offers as much as $.15 per carton, retailers can earn hundreds of dollars per month by providing sales data to tobacco manufacturers.

With 270 billion cigarettes sold last year in the U.S., tobacco manufacturers have implemented programs to incent their distributors to provide them with timely point-of-sale register information, which is useful for market research.

Data retrieved and processed by Smokin’ Rebates™ has been accepted and approved by the cigarette manufacturers for several rebate programs currently offered: the RJR Scan Data Reporting Program, and the PM USA, USSTC and PM USA AOM Scan Data Incentive Programs.

Smokin’ Rebates™ will gather, format and transmit tobacco-related sales data to the appropriate tobacco manufacturer automatically using a cloud-based system that works with most industry point-of-sale terminals and back office systems. Retailers can review, edit and approve sales activity prior to transmission, as well as use analytic reports to gain insight into each store’s tobacco category, or, they can choose to let the program work seamlessly in the background.

Smokin’ Rebates™ offers an affordable option for any sized retailer who wants to take advantage of tobacco rebates, whether they currently use a back office system or not. It is back office software-independent, provided the customer is willing to scan their tobacco category.

The retailer who sells hundreds of cartons per month can earn thousands of dollars per year in tobacco rebate money. After set-up, retailers receive the rebate revenue directly from the tobacco manufacturers. There is a one-time set-up investment for Smokin’ Rebates™ and thereafter a monthly administrative fee for each store.

As a program that can provide a new source of revenue, Smokin’ Rebates™ will help small businesses stay competitive, and is another example of the door-to-door store automation solutions offered by Success Systems®. Their complete ePB™ product line is designed to help retailers with many important tasks, such as controlling and managing store prices and tracking inventory, and is the most recommended line of electronic price books in the industry.

For more information, visit or contact Success Systems® at 1.800.653.3345.


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