StoreManager by Success Systems®

Success Systems® is currently offering a subscription based back office product that features  the most popular modules found accross our internet based solutions - all under one roof for a low monthly price. Introducing StoreManager™.

The subscription includes access to our in-house support team, custom installation team that overses the full price book conversion on your register, and full access to all of StoreManager's back office functionality and reporting features are included.

StoreManager™ Solution Includes:

  • Daily Bookkeeping functions
  • Price book management - Buy-downs and Promotions
  • Smokin’ Rebates™ Tier 2 - Participate in AGDC/RJR/ITG Scan Data with Tobacco Loyalty
  • PriceCheck™ - Know the best prices your suppliers are offering to other retailers and compare vendors.
  • Electronic updates (EDI) from your tobacco suppliers
  • Smokin’ Rebates ™ Tier 2 - Participate in AGDC/RJR/ITG Scan Data w/ Loyalty
  • Financial audit reports to make sure you are reimbursed for all your rebates and buy-downs


  • Promotional Management: StoreManager not only toggles advanced promotions with a click of a button, it has reports that show which promotions are working and which are not. You’ll free up time and increase profits of your store!
  • Margin Control: Our EDI Invoice management allows you to recognize trends in vendor cost changes, as well as catch new ones at the time your invoices come in, allowing you to seemlessly update your pricing and protect your margins accross every department.
  • Audit Reports: Our app is fully equipped to provide detailed reports on a per sku or category basis, pairing that with StoreManager's promotional features ensures your rebates stay intact.
  • Work From Anywhere: If you have internet access, you can work from anywhere! Fast, easy to use, and all that is required one of the many compatible browsers we operate on. Ask about our current list.

Check out our back office provider compatibility list:

  • Quickly Search Products
  • Import Hundreds of SKUs at once
  • Make Group Price Chanages
  •  Manage and Create Invoices
  • Maintan Departments
  • Mange and Edit Employees
  • Summarize Daily Store Activities
  • Review In-Store Sales upon Close
  • Close Out Each Day from Home
  •  Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports
  • Complete Reconciliation
  • and soon to be Much More...
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