While healthy food alternatives continue to dominate convenience store shelves across the United States, another key trend continues to emerge as a way for convenience store operators to increase their bottom line – effective lottery management. Implementing the right lottery software into your retail store can tremendously impact your lottery category. 

Ready to turn your lottery center into a profit center? Keep reading to learn how partnering with Success Systems will be the best decision you ever made for your business. 

Immediate Benefits of Lottery Software

Adding LotteryTrak™ to lottery retailer operations provides store owners with the most comprehensive solution for controlling lottery categories while increasing lottery ticket sales. Lottery categories are often the most loss-prone and labor-intensive categories. Our dynamic CLOUD solution puts you back in control with valuable insight through an easy-to-operate system. 

Whether you currently operate a single store or manage a large chain, LotteryTrak™ will provide you with invaluable tools to make your lottery category more profitable.

Key benefits or lottery software from Success Systems include:

  • Reduced labor time needed to control the lottery category making your store and employees more efficient.
  • Save time with the ability to instantly identify missing scratch tickets, cutting your losses & increasing revenue.
  • Our user-friendly dashboard makes management a breeze will all vital information made available in a single-screen view. 
  • Real-time Email & text notifications keep you informed within seconds of ticket pay-outs and voids.

Lottery Management

Other Convenience Store Automation Products We Offer

Our c-store solutions are designed so that you have the right tools in place to make your store as streamlined and as profitable as possible. Our diverse line of products works interchangeably to create a seamless convenience store management system.

Take a look at some of our other popular products below. 

ePB™ Suite

ePB™ Suite is the perfect solution for managing your price book as your needs grow. ePB Suite integrates with tobacco, candy, Coke, Pepsi, beer & wine vendors, as well as other suppliers to help keep track of your price book. 

Smokin’ Rebates

Smokin’ Rebates allows you to seamlessly submit your tobacco scan data on a weekly basis to reap the benefits of numerous tobacco rebate programs. These rebates can amount to thousands of dollars a year.


ItsRealTime™ is a loss prevention solution that unlocks real-time POS information with instant notification with alerts for voids or error corrects. Now, your managers can seize control, view accurate store sales, manage cashiers, and eliminate inefficiencies, in real-time.


Do you know if you are getting the absolute best price possible from your suppliers? PriceCheck™  lets you compare wholesale prices that are currently offered to other retailers and invoices against current supplier prices to verify you’re getting the best available price on each SKU.

Technology iot concept symbolizing lottery software & convenience store automation

Lottery Software, Back-Office Solutions, & More

If you are looking for ways to increase profits in your lottery, tobacco, fuel, or other categories of your convenience store we urge you to get in touch with us today. We have a track record of successfully providing store automation solutions for C-store, petroleum marketers, liquor, and tobacco retailers across the nation. 

Our products and solutions are certified and approved by most of the key POS platforms and are available for 17 different cash register systems. Schedule a demo today to learn more about our lottery software and other convenience store automation solutions

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