Tobacco API

Altria’s Tobacco API Automates Your Tobacco Product Price Changes

Update your pricebook with the most accurate Tobacco Prices you can get. Now you can start getting your tobacco Price Book information to your register electronically from Altria. Altria’s Tobacco API combined with Success Systems will update ALL of your Altria tobacco products. It will ensure you have accurate and timely prices, as well as promotional and buydown information.  

How it Works

Key Benefits of the Altria Tobacco API:

  • Maintain accuracy of your pricebook by reducing or even eliminating manual entry
  • Ensure you are selling at current pricing with built in guard-rails
  • Automatically creates new tobacco products
  • Save hours if not days of time by having your information updated automatically
  • Sign up before December 17th and receive $250 from Altria for each store

For more information or to request a demo please call 800-653-3345 or email