Skupos is a provider of data analytics solutions for retail providers in the convenience store industry. Their relatively new solutions and venture money have gained significant attention in the space, but do they have the years of industry experience needed to be a leader in the marketplace or are they just a flash in the pan? Though they have quickly solidified themselves in the marketplace, there are numerous reasons that make them a skeptical partner when it comes to store automation, data analytics, and tobacco scan data.

The Downside of Skupos

A key differentiator between the two products is that Smokin Rebates exists to serve clients in the retail space – not the suppliers. Skupos offers a single product line at a $20 per month rate. What this means is that in order to generate real revenue, they have to sell store data to suppliers.

Why Smokin’ Rebates is a Better Scan Data Program

In addition to maintaining loyalty to retailers, Smokin Rebates offers several critical benefits that store owners don’t get from Skupos. Powered by the leader in convenience store automation Success Systems, Smokin Rebates is an all-encompassing rebate program that manages tobacco rebate services for all tobacco manufacturers (Altria, RJRT and ITG) and is compatible with virtually any back-office solution.  Should a retailer want or need a price book solution Smokin Rebates offers one as part of the solution Skupos does not and struggles with reporting consistency for certain POS platforms.

This program offers customers a best-in-class scan data rebate solution. The Smokin Rebates® Tobacco Reporting compliancy program is the most comprehensive full-service solution, is approved for all 7 scan data rebate programs and leverages loyalty features. Properly submitting a store’s scan data to these programs not only generates store owners $100’s in additional revenue each month, but it has become a vital function in maintaining business viability by staying price-competitive within the tobacco category.

Key Differentiators Include:

  • Smokin Rebates supports 14 different POS registers including Clover
  • Verifone has approved a special pricing program for Verifone Customers
  • MidWest Retailer Association (MIRA) has exclusively endorsed Smokin Rebates
  • Convenience Marketing Association (CMA) has also exclusively endorsed Smokin Rebates to its customers.
  • It is the only full-service solution that is approved and allows retailers to receive rebates for all seven scan data programs on 14 different POS platforms spanning convenience, grocery, tobacco and liquor retailers.
  • Supports tobacco loyalty for Altria, RJRT, and Phillip ITG scan data rebates
  • Incredibly cost-effective through a small program management fee and one-time setup fee per store
  • Scan data is 100% transparent to the retailer. Once set up we will capture, package, and send data on the retailer’s behalf. Rebate checks come directly to retailers from tobacco manufacturers.
  • Entitled to exclusive manufacturer promotions when enrolled in the program
  • Secure your data and understand how it is being used

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Skupos comparison chartSmokin Rebates is the best and most cost-effective rebate service that you can implement and DOES NOT require that someone is using our ePB™ back office and price book solutions. Our product will co-exist with virtually any existing back-office solutions. Smokin Rebates includes a comprehensive CLOUD price book, margin analysis, reporting, and multi-pack software. With direct integration to most tobacco suppliers, retailers can stay on top of their price book and keep a backup of their entire price book in the CLOUD.

Additional Benefits of The Scan Data Program:

  • Significant Rebate Revenue
  • Tobacco Category Reports
  • Coupon Redemption
  • Includes all 7 Current Rebate Programs
  • Product integration with EPB, Reporting Analytics, & More.
  • Seamless Background Operations
  • Approved by Phillip Morris & RJ Reynolds
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • No Long Term Contract

Why Choose Smokin Rebates Over Skupos

Beware of those who are really a “Trojan Horse” whose real purpose is to collect all your electronic journal sales information (not just tobacco) then reselling it to your suppliers and Big CPG’s. When you partner with Smokin Rebates, you are partnering with a company with 35+ years’ experience in this industry and reputation as the most recommended automation solutions for independent retailers.  Choose Smokin Rebates and ensure that your sales data is reported timely and accurately so that your rebate revenue is never interrupted. Contact us today to request a demo and learn how we can help improve your store sales, margins, and overall workflow.

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