Convenience Store Management Tips for a More Successful Business

The convenience store industry saw record growth in 2017 and 2018. More than 75% of retailers reported growth in retail sales, while more than 50% reported growth in fuel sales. Industry growth doesn’t preclude challenges, as convenience store operators must leverage software solutions to effectively manage complicated inventory and labor management systems and meet the constantly shifting fuel and food needs of customers. Knowing the challenges you face in convenience store management, Success Systems is here to offer up five ways you can be successful in managing your operation.

tips to manage convenience store

Utilize A Retail Fuel Distribution Solution

With 80% of fuel sold in the United States purchased at a convenience store, travel trends greatly affect the volume of business that flows through your operation. With such volatility in demand comes many challenges in managing supply. Using an effective fuel supply software management solution in conjunction with a partnership with a fuel service provider is necessary in order to automate this process based on the traffic and purchasing habits of your clients.

Invest to Impress

When we talk about modernizing your facility, we’re not just talking about high tech surveillance systems, slick point of sale registers, or fancy displays. Investing in the upkeep, appearance, and layout of your store is equally important. A space that is easy to navigate, with spaced out displays and advertising, as well as a space that is clean and maintained is one that customers will flock to, while dirty, badly lit spaces where it is hard to find products will drive customers away.

Keep Checkout Simple

An effective point of sale space is impacted by several factors. Aside from layout and product accessibility, streamlining the checkout experience requires a simple and easy register interface and effective scheduling to ensure you have the staff available to manage sales volume. Both of these factors can be effectively managed by convenience store back-office software solutions.

Count On An Inventory Solution

Convenience stores are convenient because they maintain an eclectic product mix on the shelves. In order to handle ordering, inventory, and rotating products to meet demand from the customers, it’s best to utilize an inventory management software solution designed for convenience stores. An effective solution integrates with your POS system to track sales and usage and automates inventory practices as well.

Pay Attention to Industry Trends

Retailers in 2017 and 2018 pointed to a focus on fresh and healthy options as driving factors for sales growth. Specifically, they capitalized on inventory tracking to leverage the growth of health bars, fresh fruit and vegetables, pre-packaged salads, and nuts and trail mix products. Paying attention to trends in the industry and capitalizing on those trends will help your operation grow and continue to be successful.

Back Office Software Solutions

Success Systems understands the challenges faced by convenience store and gas station retailers, and we understand how much software automation can help drive success. Explore our suite of convenience store software solutions and learn how a partnership with our organization can translate to success in your operation.

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