What You’ll Gain With Convenience Store Automation

Convenience stores are complicated operations with the complexity of a big-box retail operation in a space a fraction of the size. With prices changing constantly, inventory management and item-level inventory are amongst the most complicated operational components to master. The solution in recent years has been automation of inventory related tasks through the use of retail store automation software. Find out what you have to gain from convenient store automation and how Success Systems can help.

Inventory Software Automation Reduces Complexity

Waste and excessive inventory create holding costs and lost profitability in any retail operation. In convenience stores, ordering procedures for such disparate lines of products require some method of easily determining the required onhand inventory level for any product to ensure the operation is able to meet sales demand. Enter into the equation automated item-level inventory procedures. With the proper back of house point of sale system and matching equipment in use at the cashier, item-level inventory helps to determine the proper inventory level and product mix for the operation. With the proper automation of tracking, sales, ordering, and inventory, your operation can avoid situations where only 30% of our product generate 100% of your profit while offsetting the losses that exist in the other 70% of your on-hand inventory.

Automation Funds Further Automation in the Back of House

The savings and increased profitability that is driven by automation at the inventory can be reinvested into other time and money saving automation measures to round out the conveniences store’s software solution package. Automated scheduling, digital training tools, and electronic timekeeping free up more time for the business owner to run his business and the minimization of lost profitability in employee-related expenses.

Effective convenience store management software provides key performance indicator (KPI) data at the click of a button, allowing operators to make business decisions at the speed of operations. This allows owners to adjust to trends, better cater to the needs of customers, and provide an amazing in-store experience, which builds repeat business faster than brand loyalty ever could.

Everything to Lose If You Skip Out on Automation

At Success Systems, we offer our clients in the convenience store market segment a suite of products allowing management of back-office software, price book creation, rebate services, fuel management, inventory management, and computer-assisted ordering, promotions management, lottery management. Embracing and deploying automated convenience store management software solves for the complexities and challenges faced by retail operation owners. The key is to deploy software with versatility and with a pedigree of success. Contact us today for a quote and experience the power of convenience store automation for your business. 

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