C-Store Software Can Solve Your Distribution Problems

Convenience stores are a massively complicated operation packaged into a small and tidy footprint. On the surface for customers, it’s all bright lights and frozen drinks, lines of refrigerated product cases, and shelves of every conceivable grocery and sundry item the owner can cram into the space. And this is where the complexity in supply chain management becomes a challenge for convenience store owners. Dealing with the number of vendors necessary to maintain product levels can become a convoluted nightmare without the right strategy in place. That’s where C-store software and automation comes in.

Keep Your Suppliers on Schedule

Convenience stores generally occupy very small urban or suburban footprints and receiving deliveries from distributors can be a disruptive process if not properly organized. Large delivery trucks can prevent customers from valuable parking space if they arrive during peak business. It’s a given that you’ll be dealing with vendors and sales representatives with extensive portfolios, but you should still maintain your scheduling needs in the business relationship – in order to retain your business, the vendors must meet your convenience store’s specific ordering and replenishment cycle. Automated ordering systems and inventory systems ensure you’re able to identify the most effective windows for delivery.

Right Inventory System, Right Supplier, Right Products

An inefficient mix of products on the shelf can mean lost profitability in waste and money sitting on the shelf that could be spent elsewhere in your operation. Having an effective inventory management system in place in your convenience store ensures you’re managing inventory at the item level and maximizing efficiency in your product offerings.

An efficient inventory system also ensures that you’re prioritizing the top selling 50 SKUs that generated 32% of the business in the convenience channel. In order to accomplish this, it’s necessary to eliminate non-selling SKUs and duplicate SKUs to make room for other products on the shelves that will drive sales. Through automated software solutions, it’s also possible to streamline the number of vendors you use to fulfill your product needs. Minimizing product lines and vendors all go towards simplifying the business and freeing up operators to focus on other tasks.

Find the Right Software For Effective Inventory Management

Convenience stores are faced with a number of operational challenges surrounding inventory management and supply line issues. Without automated software solutions that address inventory management, vendor and distributor management, and ordering processes, operators will struggle in day to day operations. Reach out to Success Systems, a solutions provider with access to a wide range of back office and analytical tools designed to streamline your operation, to learn how to improve your convenience store’s profitability today. Schedule a free demo today. 

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