It’s important to pick the right provider because you are advancing $1,000’s in rebates money and you may not get paid by the tobacco manufacturers.

Warning Signs: How to Tell if Your Tobacco Rebates Program is Misleading You

  1. The provider does not offer any reporting that enables you to audit your account to check your reimbursements. In other words, you are working blind.
  2. The provider does not submit for Altria, RJR, ITG, and Juul. They may promise it’s coming. They may tell you they do. Find out what percentage of their customers are submitting for all. Pick a provider that is over 80%. Experience matters if you want to optimize your revenue. Why give up to 50% of your revenue by not being able to participate in all programs. Make them put a money-back guarantee in their agreement in writing if you find out they over-promised.
  3. They do not offer you any tools to make sure your multi-pack and promotions are formatted correctly. If you ring the wrong format and submit the wrong data, you will not get reimbursed by the tobacco companies.
  4. They just give you the file and leaving it to you to submit the tobacco scan data yourself and manage the entire process.
  5.  They collect ALL your store sales information and repackage for sale (or share) with your suppliers and consumer packaging companies without sharing that revenue with you. Why would you want your suppliers to know who else you are buying from and how much of it you are buying?

Did you know that you can recreate your entire store’s business sales with the electronic journal? Pick a reputable provider who will treat your store’s sales information as if it were their own.

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