We want you to take a moment and think about the real cost of buying vs. renting. It is more cost-efficient to purchase than it is to pay monthly for your software. There are ongoing interest payments with monthly rental programs.

Using the calculators below, you can determine what the actual cost savings will be.

ROI Calculator

The results provided from this work sheet are for comparison purposes only. Results may differ based on accuracy of data provided and use of ePB Copyright 1997-2022

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ROI Analysis

Calculate potential savings with this calculator

An investment in a back-office automation system can have a rapid payback. Enjoy a higher return on investment by considering the following areas that may be substantially improved:

  • Eliminate cash ring errors
  • Control store margins by items and by department
  • Minimize shrinkage to less than 1%
  • Improve price book maintenance
  • Reduce cashier training time
  • Simplify bookkeeping and clerical work

The results provided by this worksheet are for comparison purposes only. Results may differ based on the accuracy of data provided, individual use of Success Systems® application, and each store’s business processes.

Rent vs. Buy Comparison

Calculate the savings of buying over renting

This calculator illustrates that a monthly payment of $239 over a 5 year period is equivalent to purchasing the same system for $3,995 and paying interest at the rate of 69.3% over the period. Enter your own variables and the effective interest rate and the payment total will automatically update.

Note: To calculate Vendor B’s annual interest rate, the initial value of their software offering is considered to be equivalent to that of Success Systems. Additional service and hardware costs are assumed to be paid up-front and are included in the total investment but excluded from monthly payments. Results provided by this worksheet are for illustrative purposes only – actual results may vary.

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