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We make you
more money

We offer in-depth PC and web based applications designed to improve the knowledge of your store operations.

Our store automation solutions let convenience store operators control, manage and reconcile operations in an easy and cost-effective way.

Store owners can increase their stores' profit by scanning and better controlling their margins and operations through any of our c-store automation tools.

What we do:

  • Provide exceptional automation solutions for convenience stores

  • Supply PC and web based solutions that interface with the industry major POS terminals

  • Offer loyalty programs specifically designed for the c-store industry

  • Deliver a range of services that enable our customers to optimize their investment

Cost-effective Scanning

  • Scan at the store's POS registers
  • Manage store's scan price list (price book)
  • Initiate and manage promotions and buy downs
  • Manage product prices by item, groups or departments
  • Centralize stores' price books
  • Print bar code labels

Success Systems store automation solutions are affordable and easy to use.

Margin & Shrink Control

  • Control store's margins at the item level
  • Manage daily bookkeeping functions
  • Implement zone pricing
  • Receive electronic price updates from wholesalers
  • Seamless integration with major general ledger packages

Our products are designed to improve the profits and control of the c-store business.

Inventory Management

  • Receive electronic invoices from wholesalers
  • Monitor store sales at the item level
  • Control inventory
  • Generate electronic purchase orders
  • Implement Shelf merchandising
  • Support hand held terminals

Success Systems products deliver bottom line results.

Increase Profits


Success Systems' products offer specific benefits to users:

  • Eliminate costly cashier ring errors
  • Simplify store's bookkeeping
  • Track inventory
  • Manage store's inventory based on promotional pricing
  • Increase Store Revenue 8-12%
  • Raise store profits up to 50%
  • Minimize shrinkage to less than 1%
  • Reduce cashier training time up to 40%