• Real-Time text messaging for activated books and voided tickets 
  • Lottery Inventory Spreadsheet
    Immediate updates on scratch ticket inventory and daily sales
  • Reporting within our lottery ticket inventory software to always stay on top of sales 
  • Enterprise reporting for chain stores 
  • Gain better insight on what sells out and what sits on the shelf
  • Comprehensive accounting of games and tickets
    • Received
    • Activated
    • Voided
    • Missing
    • Closed
    • Settled
    • Pay-outs 
  • Automatic Lottery Reconciliation


  • Mobile app can be used to take spot, end of shift, and end of day inventory
    - See ItScans™ product page.
  • Audit Trails for
    • Ticket sales
    • Payouts
    • Missing Tickets
    • Book Activations
    • Profit
    • More… 
  • Recall actual register receipt for each Lotto sale 
  • Flexible user-defined data searches and ranges 
  • Lottery Sales Tracking Built-in to your POS System 
  • Gain better store insight with real-time data related to your lottery category 
  • Seamlessly improve your method of tracking through your point of sale system.

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5 Reasons You Should Integrate LotteryTrak™ with Your Back-Office

LotteryTrak™ is the most comprehensive lottery tracking system for convenience store operators. This dynamic and flexible CLOUD solution will enable lottery retailers to gain better inventory control on perhaps what is likely the most loss-prone and labor-intensive category. Whether you’re a single store or a 100+ store chain, LotteryTrak™ can provide the necessary control over your lottery category. Here are 5 Reasons you should sign up today...


1. Integrates with State Lottery Systems
2. Real-Time notifications of missing tickets
3. Track multiple book activations for a single game
4. App-based inventory scanning of bins
5. Insight into what is products sell with lotto

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