Put your new Gilbarco Passport POS terminal to work right away! Gilbarco is recommending Success Systems® Data Conversion Tool to electronically convert the store’s current Wayne NAMOS™’s price book on your old POS register into the store’s new Gilbarco® Passport™ terminal. Our conversion tool will save you hours of POS set up. It will pay for itself in time saved.

How It Works

We will import the store’s price book data to our server, check your UPCs for accuracy, and convert the data to the Gilbarco® Passport™ POS format. Then, we will send the price book to your new POS terminal in no time.

Gilbarco Passport Conversion Benefits

  • 1 year free subscription of Altria’s Tobacco Scan Data rebate program
  • Conversion of your Wayne NAMOS™ Price Book file to Gilbarco® Passport™
  • $149 ePB RetailLink™ (normally $599) — exclusive to Chevron retailers
  • Need a new price book?  Success Systems auditors will come to your store and create a new one.  Surprisingly affordable!  Give us a call for a free quote.
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Gilbarco Passport Conversion Tool

Faster Time to Market

Avoiding manual migration of POS data can save a significant amount of time and money. Our Data Conversion Tool assists you to rapidly reach you migration goals. Get your UPCs, store’s prices, and item’s descriptions electronically transferred via the Internet into your new Gilbarco® Passport™ terminal and ePB RetailLink™

Immediate Time and Cost Savings

Utilizing Success Systems® POS Data Conversion Tool can save you several weeks and guarantee accurate pricing almost immediately. The savings are from conversion and immediate price book scanning. You will have your POS data available and be able to scan at the register in a manner of minutes, not weeks.

Reliable Business Process

The reliability of POS scanning prices depends on the corresponding data quality. Success Systems® POS Data Conversion Tool ensures more reliable scanning sales by validating the data before it’s used at the store. Our Data Conversion Tool comes with an optional ePB RetailLink™ license, which allows users to review, edit, and add prices, items, and departments from any PC with Internet access.



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Immediate / on call service

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Smokin’ Rebates® is a seamless data reporting service that helps retailers of any size store participate in numerous tobacco rebate programs from Altria. Smokin’ Rebates® is also an automated cloud-based service, so effortless to you, and works seamlessly with virtually all back office solutions but does not require your store to have one.

Smokin’ Rebates will gather, format, package, and transmit sales data on a weekly basis.

  • First year free for all eligible retailers*
  • Receive upwards of $500 per month in rebate money.
  • Rebate checks paid monthly directly to retailers.
  • Exclusive multi-pack and discount promotions only offered through these programs
  • Online dashboard shows your stores’ tobacco sales, expected rebate and analytics reports.
  • Includes cloud-based price book and promotional management tool

Store Requirements

Exporting POS Data from Old Terminal

  • Current POS Terminal – compatible with Success Systems® POS Data Conversion Tool
  • Copy of the Wayne NAMOS™ Manifest File*
  • Active direct connection between PC and Passport
  • Broadband Internet connection at the store (DSL, Cable or Air Card)
  • Registration to Success Systems® POS Data Conversion Tool
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Store Requirements

Importing Data to the Gilbarco Passport System

  • Gilbarco® Passport™ POS Terminal
  • PC at the store
  • Gilbarco® Passport™ POS set up requirements*
  • Direct connection between PC and Passport POS terminal*
  • Broadband Internet connection at the store (DSL,Cable or Air Card)


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* Must meet Gilbarco’s certified back office integration requirements as listed in Gilbarco’s documentation.

Not all Retailers will qualify for the free Altria Tobacco Scan Data Rebate Offer. Retailers must meet certain criteria, be classified as an independent retailer, and possess active contracts for Altria Group products as determined by Altria Group.