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Success Systems offers a range of cloud-based solutions designed to improve the profits and control of both single-store and chain-based retail businesses.  Our offerings cover all the important aspects of controlling and managing successful establishments, including grocery stores, convenience stores, gasoline retailers and tobacco and liquor stores.

ePB™ Product Offerings

epb-lite Cloud Based Store Manager ePB Lite™

ePB Lite™ is a secure cloud-based application that allows retailers to access and manage stores’ product prices anytime, anywhere without the need of having a PC at the store level.

This service level is specifically designed for store operators who are looking for the most economical and easy to use price book application. Inventory is maintained just by scanning.

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Easy To Use price book application
web based service for convenience store operators

epb premium convenience store software  ePB Premium™

ePB Premium allows retailers to access and review stores’ sales and manage product pricing and promotion anytime, anywhere through the Internet.

This cloud-based service is designed for store operators who are looking for a cost effective, easy to maintain scanning and store management application.

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epb books Convenience Store Software  ePB Books™

ePB Books is a secure cloud-based application that allows retailers to access and review stores’ sales; receive electronic invoices; centralize and manage product pricing, promotions and inventory without the need of having a PC at the store(s).

The stores’ operations are only few clicks away – get them anytime, anywhere!

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ePB Books C Store Application
ePB Accounting for convenience stores

epb accounting software for stores  ePB Accounting™

ePB Accounting is a secure cloud-based solution that allows retailers to manage store prices and promotions; access and review stores’ sales; receive electronic invoices; and control inventory without the need of having a PC at the store(s).

ePB Accounting is compatible with all Quickbooks™ versions, MAS90™, MAS200™ and MAS500™

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ePB™ Product Comparison

ePB™ Editions Designed to Meet Your Needs

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Different owner/operators have different back office requirements, and Success Systems offers a wide range of features and functions to accommodate each user and their budget. With its cloud-based system, Success Systems is able to painlessly upgrade users as their needs evolve and store locations grow – so you’ll never outgrow your back office system.

Three Financing Options

  • Monthly Rental
  • Equipment Financing
  • Perpetual License (Purchase)

We know that some owner / operators prefer to own their technology infrastructure while others prefer not tie up their capital. We can accommodate several financing options – each designed to match our customers’ priorities. Call us and we’ll identify and document the best solution for you.

PriceCheck Scanning Software  

PriceCheck™ compares wholesale prices for convenience store operators and is the first product to offer retailers SKU-level pricing information so they know they are receiving the best deal from their supplier. Using the Success Systems patent-pending technology, retailer members compare their invoices against real-time supplier prices to ensure and verify that their suppliers are offering them the best available price on each SKU.

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RealTime™ adds real time functionality to the ePB™ family of web based, back office systems by capturing, managing and controlling stores POS sales data. With this information, store operators are able to improve merchandising, evaluate and control markdowns and promotions; improve customer service, manage cashiers and eliminate inefficiencies.

Smokin’ Rebates®

Smokin Rebates® is a seamless data reporting service that helps retailers take advantage of tobacco rebate programs* offered by RJ Reynolds an Philip Morris. With rebate programs offering as much as $0.15/carton, retailers can make hundreds of dollars per month by simply providing sales data.

Smokin Rebates automatically captures and transmits tobacco-related sales data to tobacco manufacturers using the cloud-based system that works with most industry POS terminals and back office systems. Retailers can review, edit and approve sales activity prior to transmission, and use analytic reports to gain insight about each store’s tobacco category.

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* Success Systems is not affiliated with either RJ Reynolds or Philip Morris; neither company endorses Smokin’ Rebates or Success Systems.

Integration & Customization 

Food Wholesaler Integration with EDI

A key criteria in successfully managing your price book and inventory, is the ability to receive your purchase invoices from your food wholesalers electronically. On average a retailer will purchase 65-80% of the store’s merchandise from their major food supplier. Keeping on top of price changes, stock outs, and merchandise received is essential in the profitable operation of the store.

EDI is an essential feature in the implementation and maintenance of product pricing, inventory levels, re-order needs and accounts payable tracking. Retailers do not have to “key in” lengthy invoices. Invoices are sent electronically from the Retailer’s wholesaler as an e-mail. Success Systems solutions* will then display the purchase on screen for any necessary adjustments such as items received, price change approvals and approval of system generated suggested selling prices.

• Electronic receipt of wholesaler’s invoices
• Electronic submission of orders to your wholesaler**
• Set automatic re-order levels
• Automatic notification of prices changes from wholesalers
• Automatic suggestion of retail prices based on pre-determined target margins
• Automated updating of inventory level

• Automate your order processing
• Control store margins
• Intelligently reorder products

* Not all Success Systems products have the EDI Feature available
** Check the list of EDI wholesaler partners

General Ledger Compatibility

To support the need of our customers, Success Systems is committed to providing key interfaces to third party accounting software.

Success Systems solutions offer integration with the most popular general ledger applications in the industy. Some of them are Intuit’s Quickbooks® (all versions from 2000 to 2009, including Quickbooks Enterprise), MAS90®, MAS200® and MAS500®.

Exporting data to your general ledger is easy and simple. It’s a one button click. No double data, no repetitive tasks.

• Plug-n’-play compatibility with Quickbooks, MAS90, MAS200 and MAS500
• Save time typing information on your accounting software
• Reduce risks of typo errors
• Eliminates double entry bookkeeping
• Imports multiple locations into a single or multiple company file

Custom Programs

Success Systems provides custom development services for specific customer request. Over the years we have provided custom services for large and small companies. Some of the largest companies include: Snap-On Tools, Dresser Wayne, Schlumberger Technologies RPS, Tokheim Corporation, ExxonMobil Corporation and Sunoco.

• Custom solutions tailored specifically for your needs
• Cost effective customer specific solutions

• Function design
• Custom programming
• User specific documentation
• Private labeled help desk

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