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Don’t be misled by monthly software rental programs that often cost a lot more than purchasing

 Paying a monthly fee (or “rental”) for a store automation system is similar to paying interest on a purchased system – potentially a lot of interest over several years. The size of both the total cash payments  and effective interest rate over several years can be surprisingly large compared to a simple upfront purchase.


It just takes a moment to see what it really costs to rent

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Enter your own numbers in the white cells and the calculator will automatically update.

This calculator illustrates that a monthly payment of $239 over a 5 year period is equivalent to purchasing the same system for $3995 and paying interest at the rate 69.3% over the period. Enter you own variables and the effective interest rate and payment total will automatically update.

Note: To calculate Vendor B’s annual interest rate, the initial value of their software offering is considered to be equivalent to that of Success Systems. Additional service and hardware costs are assumed to be paid up-front and are included in the total investment but excluded from monthly payments. Results provided by this worksheet are for illustrative purposes only – actual results may vary.
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