ePB Premium C-Store Software

ePB PremiumTM is the most recommended back office software designed
for retailers who are looking for a cost-effective scanning, price book and promotional tool, and store management application. Chain and enterprise retailers can have central control of their price book, even with an already implemented accounting system. Users may access and review stores’ sales and manage product pricing and promotions at anytime, from anywhere without a PC at the store(s).

• Manage store price book on-site or remotely by item, group, zone, dept. or vendor • Keep a secure back-up of your price book off your register
• Schedule promotion by day of week or by time of day
• Co-exists with any existing, backoffice accounting system
• Initiate and manage buy downs and promotional pricing
• Global price changes by creating customized groups
• Receive electronic invoices from your wholesalers which automatically alerts you to new items or changing costs
• Print barcodes and shelf labels with item description, UPC, date and retail price
• Access your store information and generate reports from any where you can access the Internet

• Increase each store’s profit by up to $30,000 per year
• Low investment – affordable cloud based store automation solution with no required
subscription or monthly payment
• Better control of your margins and profitability – eliminate cashier ring errors, reduce cashier training time by up to 50% and minimize shrinkage to less than 1%
• Improve store’s performance – spot sales trends, get better purchasing power, and determine the best and worst selling items, eliminate dead inventory
• Remote access to the store’s operations – review and control your store prices, invoices and inventory from virtually any device with Internet access
• Electronic invoices – receive electronic invoices from wholesalers, Coca-Cola, food, tobacco, beer, winer and liquor vendors
• Web reporting – automatically receive access to system reports any time you have access the Internet
• Easy to use – optimize store operations easily

Affordable, East to Use, Flexible, Secure