Smokin' Rebates now recommended by Altria!

Smokin’ Rebates® is a scan data reporting service developed by Success Systems®, through which retailers can receive significant and continuous rebate money. Smokin’ Rebates is the only full service tobacco rebate program that works directly with the tobacco manufacturers for approval. The data transmission from this program has been approved by both Altria/Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds.
We are now recommended by Altria!

Qualifications to participate are simple – the program requires that participants are retailers (of any size account) who sell tobacco products in their store(s), and are willing to report their sales data on key brands.

Smokin’ Rebates does NOT require that you use a back office or price book software. Of course, retailers may elect to use one of our ePM™ back office solutions, but it is nonobligatory. Options are available if you don’t have a back office or scanning solution. Smokin’ Rebates is available on most industry POS terminals, and there is no special hardware or download required.

Maximize your cigarette sales with automatic rebates on every sale of key brands. Sign-up at today or contact us at 1.800.653.3345 to learn more.

Success Systems is not affiliated with either RJ Reynolds or Philip Morris. All program names belong to their respective companies.